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License of the Main Justice Directorate of Moscow # 154 ( from 12/05/01).

Russia, Moscow,
st. Snegnaya, 23




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--Representative functions in Moscow and all over Russia

  • Analyzing of Russian Market and recommendations in investing

  • Registration and re-establishment of commercial, public, religious organizations(and others) , funds in Moscow (all Russia)

  • Keeping the books and taxes

  • Selling of “completed” Business in Moscow(all Russia)

  • Selection of accommodations, leasing and equipping of office

  • Preparation and arrangement of advertising campaign of your company in Moscow (all Russia)

  • Translation of the documents into Russian and their notarization 

  • Law consulting of difficult questions

  • Representation in court, attorney services

  • Formalization of heritage in Russia

  • Getting the licenses necessary for certain activities  in Moscow (all Russia)

  • Providing the guide services in Moscow: meeting, settlement, cultural programs. 

  • Development and providing the internet sites in area .ru

  • Arrangement of web-sites representation in Russia

  • Advertising support  of sites, banner nets, registration in Russian search systems

  • Arrangement and providing of contacts with the Government of Moscow 

  • Promotion of goods and services through the Internet

  • Clients feedback

  • Our prices

  • Answers to the Questions

About Us:

Organization “Center of legal services” (“Center”) was established at the beginning of 1996. The license of legal services payment providing – # 154 was issued by Moscow Department of Justice 12.05.96.

At the time of daily appearing and disappearing of law organizations the authority and quality of the Center are approved by stable and experienced working.

During the difficult period of dynamic legislation development, our company has achieved certain results, got a great amount of clients, that become our constant clients very often.

Individual approach to every client working on mutually beneficial conditions and strict confidentiality provides the opportunity to execute all kinds of legal services.

Developed structure with agencies allows us to execute either sophisticated and complex  or specific orders.

Our company consists of different agencies specialized in realizing of certain services that allows to solve problems very fast and represent interests of clients.

Our lawyers are experienced professionals that are able to solve difficult problems in all fields of law. They successfully carry out arbitrage, civil and criminal processes.

 Our main principle is working in compliance to Ethics of lawyer.

Contacting with clients is based on dealing principles, and directed into the constant partnership

Considering interests of our clients the list of our services always expands and innovates

The level of our prices would satisfy all clients despite the fact of financial ability. Some social groups of people (veterans, invalids, etc) are granted free law consultations.




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